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Monday, February 20, 2006
Long overdue entry 01

Note: I will be taking down all the massive entries I did, except for the first day. However, this time, they will have photos. Thanks to a senior who has a memory card reader on his laptop and nearly 24 hours I spent on transferring the files out, editing and saving… (serves me one gigabyte right for taking 400+ shots)

I'll be placing an entry each day with photos starting tomorrow. Main blog photos. Additional will be added as I place it on DeviantArt, 5 photos a day. Can't overload everyone's deviantwatch, can I? So see you 'till time and entries catch up.


23rd Jan 2006: 2nd trip to Singapore.

On the previous trip down to submit my application for a visa, my (slowbro) aunt who is a ‛well-seasoned Singapore traveller', so-called, decided to drag me around the streets shopping for clothes. Mind you, I received a nice harvest from June, my cousins AND aunts… I have way more than enough clothes to wear to such an extend, I could open a lil' shop.

And me being so ku hong jou (stingy), with only SGD200 in hand, I managed to buy a nice MNG pure cotton top for… how much was it again? SGD25+ if not mistaken.

On this trip, (after complaining to my mom and had a huge argument with her to hell and back) my aunt was adviced to give me some FACE to sightsee. I AM a shop-a-holic… more to the window-shopping category… but ONLY AFTER I sightsee… beh!

And I was given many (blessed) opportunities, I gotten numerous of time-out AWAY from her to relax, and pick up my sanity.

Poser! Thanx!

Awe Surge
The BeasthDog of Gold

I did managed to take many photos for the trip… but I think half-asleep, I TERdeleted a video of the koi fishes and the cheap food we manage to find that was tasty.

However, the next time I'm going down there, I swear on what's left of me that I WILL NOT GO DOWN WITH HER ANYMORE. If I were to go down again… MAMIE, you are coming down with me!!! If my brain is gonna be pureed, yours MUST join the fray!


6th Feb 2006: Leaving my comfort zone.

Doing last minute look around my place, giving away hugs goodbye (though my Babie cat shoved me, fork you, wait 'till I get back at you, cat!), I left my home to the airport. An awful trip 'coz I cannot ‛TAHAN' car too long and it was cramp (taxi wheee).

Finally arrived and did what I've always wanted to do since we sent Priyanka off… Sit in front of the trolley. :D Lil' bro pampered me by pushing me around, though when we stop, I nearly flew.

Met up with June and Neo. Did last minute checking for weights and food before I left with teary goodbyes. Though I should have given my mom a bigger hug… but it would do at the moment.

Our last photo together after gawd knows how many years. We were supposed to do the card at sungai wang.

June: not sure if you did chase me so… bleh! Met up with EeLyn without much probs of being ‛sesat jalan'.

Saw Alex and the rest who was supposed to leave on the early flight. Somehow I couldn't mix with them at the beginning. Alex's parents came along so I was feeling EXTRA lonely. Sent out massive goodbyes. Hm hm.


Arrived Singapore and I totally lost them and unsure whether to wait for them before cursing hell and went and do everything by myself.

Sent a quick message back onto the forums and enjoying a leg massage.

ufufufu! on the massage!

Bubbling Urns

Should have eaten actually. But bladder too bloody full and I cannot leave my luggage… bah!

When on the plane… I got the back back ba---ck seat. Hell right in front of the toilet. No biggie, lol. Though not much space to lean back. Sat with a Malaysian guy who was on the way to New Zealand too to work. :D Gave a lot of tip-sie ah on what to do and get and how.

When dinner finally arrived, (nearly became a skeleton…) there wasn't any choice left so we've gotten vegetarian food. DOESN'T MATTER, IT STILL TASTED GOOD!!!

Either that or I am a sad person to say that. ('coz Alex didn't agree with me)

Then I had white wine, kusu kusu kusu.
Tasted like the red ones but nicer. Then, it was a TKO (total knockout) for me.


Before the knockout.

Next morn, I woke up to this question: "Omelet or waffles, miss?"



Through breakfast, was so groggy, all utensils seem to fall off the table. Mmm.


Was bored later on as we had 3 hours to rot on the plane, and surprisingly we arrived early.

At the tip of the Horizon (boredom hits)
Among the Clouds (boredom)

Hello, New Z!

Earth and Concrete (on the way to Auckland)
Country beside the road (still on the way to Auckland)

Then, went through customs (and I totally forgotten what was inside that I needed to claim and ended up spending RM60+ to call home) and found the guide I was supposed to look out for. You do not look for people with a paper in your hand… a WHITE paper with 30% OPACITY GRAY fonts, idiot! I'm surprised I saw that!

Mom: So early wan you awake? 10+AM I called… that would be 5 in the morn O_O
Found DeeDee and she seemed nice and sweet. (yea, and ate back my words in certain sense)
And we met up with the rest and shifted to the next plane from Auckland down to Wanganui.


On aircraft.

And I cursed and swore after half an hour of difficult sleep due to the small aircraft that allowed a great amount of pressure in… as the pressure in the ears went UP to the head, causing one of the most legendary pain I ever had before slowly shifting down to my left eye… BLIND.

Came down with a great face, mhm, yeaha.


Whoever said Wanganui was warm due to summer is an ARSEhole. Bullshit. Got down from the plane and I got attacked but fierce cold winds. ARSEholes.

So happy to see my luggage in one piece. It seems every 1kg extra costs NZD5. They will only charge if beyond 5kg excessive.

Met Anne and Pauline. First impression? This.


Went to the warehouse and bought sleeping stuff (2 thin pillows for NZD17, a aromatic pillow for NZD20 and a cushion/duvet for NZD40). Whee. >o< Then, we were shown some good spots which I couldn't recall at first before dropping us off at the flats.

The backyard!

The green section is my flats... staying at the top floor on the OTHER side.

What I didn't expect was that DeeDee and I was rooming with 4 males from Malaysia…ooh. And I got the largest room in the house, wtf? O_O I'm only paying NZD100 for it, I don't care! They gave me that room, I didn't ask for it.

Luckily, my bed sheets were huge enough to cover the whole bed as the one that was on it was super dusty.

Unpacking was HELL. I wept as I took in my surroundings and what exactly happened finally hit me.
And I couldn't call back. And at night, I was a lil' shy with my new flat mates and DeeDee went out with her two other friends, I went to Burger King all alone and the lady behind the counter wasn't exactly… hospitable… =.=

Wept my sorry eyes at night, it was indeed difficult as this was the first time for being seriously away from my family. Prayed hard and long with all my amulets and slept with them, it was finally all right for the rest of the nights.

First Sunset (from my window)

Posted at 2/20/2006 4:03:51 am by NiYan
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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Long overdue entry 06

12th Feb 2006: BBQ.


Did my first laundry. Used too much detergent and my room smelt like "rumah dobi".


There was a BBQ in the evening, and the guys took the opportunity to report it to the person in charge. They couldn't previously as they kept missing her.


There were all kinds of meat (except pork) and I hated the beef… too well-done… =_= otherwise, I would have eaten more. Then, there were tons of salads… Shocked and two mountains of butter spread bread (icky)


Senior guys kidnap some salad and a whole huge bowl of chips back to the flats. LOL.


That night, when I joined them to watch a movie… it seemed some idiot did not lock the door…. The guys started freaking out and piled the chairs right at the entrance and placed a cup on the handle. Can't pray straight that night as I was laughing too hard.

Posted at 2/12/2006 4:46:26 am by NiYan
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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Long overdue entry 05

11th Feb 2006: Shopping.


Went to Salvation Army where they sold second hand stuffs. Bought a nice light brown coat that was slightly below the elbows and above the knees for NZD5… ^_______^

Bought a purple top for NZD3. ^__________^

Got  keychain for NZD2… wtf.


Finally found the KiwiBank and the post office. NZD2 for stamps to go to Malaysia WTF…. >_< Though I LOVE to receive letters…. Until I get a job, that pleasure have to be put on hold. T_T Mmm… but I will collect all the letters I’ve written and do a one massive send. Hehe.


Ask me for the address if you want to send letters. :D I wouldn normally reply but do try writing long ones so that I could send back much longer ones. I won’t give my address to any Dick and Harry… >_> can’t have some donkeys stalking in front of the flats.


Went to apply for a City Library card and bought a 3-hour internet coupon to use for NZD10 (normally NZD4 per hour). For a just in case situation. (and sure enough, UCOL blocked one website I frequented… =_=… chies!)


And some drunkard locals who were staying on the flats came disturbing, thinking we busted them about drinking (we’re on a non-drinking zone), blablabla… and some donkeys around here (locals) came disturbing ALL the flats by knocking on the living room door panels HARD before running to the next one… ARSEHOLES!!!

Posted at 2/11/2006 4:35:02 am by NiYan
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Friday, February 10, 2006
Long overdue entry 04

10th Feb 2006: A tour guide… and a broke in.


There was some confusion in my schedule and I made Sam and I late for the tour… (Gomen nasai, Sam!!! >o<)


We were given a more detailed information about the place and where basically everything were. Found the UCOL gym (which I tried to walk and search and found it was way too far), the pool (far too), went to the East of Wanganui and went up the tower…


*snorted laughter*


You’ll understand once I get the pics up. There were two towers and Sam and I only went up the smaller one. Planning to come back during Easter holidays to have a better look around there. Got sushi there (the guides boasted and it wasn’t fantastic, chieh!).


Went to the supermarket again and found Marmite. Big Smile

But doesn’t taste as good as Malaysia’s. On the bread, it tasted alright. But made into a warm drink? Tsk!


Mom: Please ship Marmite too. And rolled oats... theirs are... blargh, they don't grow fat in the water!


Went up to see Hazel about my schedule and because they threw a huge bomb at me about losing my transfer credits… I nearly lost my cool when they threw a supposedly calming and joking comment: “Looks like you’ll be a nomad for a while.”


I had so much difficulties getting here and getting used to this place, please don’t ruin this.


To add the cherry to the top, DeeDee moved out because her two friends will help her wake her up in the mornings easier. She took the butter. Left behind the salt and sugar. She took the clothes detergent and the softener. (and now, all her friends are using it ‘till half gone and they do their small loads of washing nearly everyday…) Seriously thinking twice about her.


Couldn’t take it anymore, so I called home and crapped with my bro. Mmm.




It seemed this night, someone got one of the guy’s keys, got in and stole his video camera and shoes. Luckily he took his laptop with him. And this happened when the rest of the guys were at home and I’m upstairs sleeping. The honour student only noticed someone we don’t know came in and out when he saw that guy leaving. Police was called… and I was still sleeping…


<_< >_> *holds her Dharma book dearly*

Posted at 2/10/2006 4:29:03 am by NiYan
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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Long overdue entry 03

9th Feb 2006: Sight-seeing.


Samantha managed to actually drag me out of my little sanctuary to see the place. We traveled quite far… too far actually that our legs ache when we returned. Learnt quite a bit more about the place.


Had fried rice Big Smile Tasted almost like home. cry Stupid sausages for spoiling it.

Posted at 2/9/2006 4:15:16 am by NiYan
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Long overdue entry 02

8th Feb 2006: Samantha/Grafitti has arrived.


Did our banking and gotten a new SIM card. I just don't understand why they give me a look when I asked about bankng in more or less two thousand cash… Went shopping at ‛Park n Save' and bought quite a number of stuff. And I think DeeDee, Kenneth and Tiffany were irritated that I was such a scrooge and stingy about sharing… They bought a lot of stuff I won't normally eat or use and I couldn't browse the aisles the way I like…


And the ‛beef-flavoured' sausage we bought? A huge suspicion it was pork… horrible bugger… Until today, almost everyday, Sam and I had been trying to finish it.


Back in their flats, Samantha was washing up. Hello!

At least, I'm not so lonely anymore.

Posted at 2/8/2006 4:12:22 am by NiYan
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

*ties her hair up with a crocodile clip*

Heya peeps... due to unforseen circumstances...

*gets pelted by tomatoes*

Anyways!!! :D YO PEEPS!!! Just recently recovered from my sunstroke... ma~~~n! These days are getting hotter by the YEARS!!! Is Mother Nature trying to say or prove something?!! I surely FELT her melting moments... gurh!

And because of that... pimples attack like mosquitoes swarming for blood..... GEEZ!!!

Alright! Welcome back to all fellow friends from overseas! Having fun now in Malaysia, thy sweet homeland? For some who don't like it, quit spitting, thanks.

Today is the almight infamous yearly (I think) sale for Jusco members through out Malaysia... and I set off with Mom at 6PM.

(and the BASTARD bus got us to MidValley at 7PM..... BAH!)

Ate some Thai Japanese fusion food... 2 set mono set meals (light portion, large taste)... Well HELL it WAS a light portion... One HUGE bowl of rice and 3 teenie weenie tempura..... *shoots* If it wasn't for the refill drinks, the little hot salad and egg.... I'm gonna eat the plate for good measure.

Went past the supermarket and sampled 'misai kucing' (Cat's whiskers) tea... yes, it is a name of a plant. Stop looking at me like that. Lovely smell and very light taste.... But I would say these day, people is finding more things to turn into tea... =_=

Here! Misai Kucing!

Managed to squeeze shove through the crowd and fished out 3 shirts and 3 pairs of shoes! *wiggles eyebrows* It had been... *counts* 5+ years since I got my yearly high heels and this year I bought 2 pairs of black office shoes, 1 pair of plain shoes, 1 pair of sneaker, 1 pair of male boots and a pair of ankle high heel boots. *swings a fist to the air* WAHAHAHAHA!!!

But I doubt I could wear the black cool boots in this forest weather anytime soon without ruining it =_= *drags it to overseas*

We spent RM150+ and ran to look for the voucher redemption counter which is available on every floor... We were on the first floor but couldn't really find it due to the crowd, reconfirm there was one upstairs and UP we go...

And SERIOUSLY... The LAST thing I wanna hear was that the said counter is 2 FREAKING floors DOWN..............

And yes.... there WAS a counter on the floor we were on... I was that close to throwing that promoter down the escalator.

Amusingly.... The queue was loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Amusing. Yes.

Managed to get the RM10 voucher (cheapskate) and we RAN to the bus-stop. It was 9.50PM and the bus will arrive at that very time.

Reached there within 7 minutes only to find out the bus back home will come in 5 minutes.
Well, at least we get a good place to sit. Whee~~~!!!

Though I don't like the fact the idiot behind me seems to be enjoying shoving chair to and fro while I speak to my mom.... And when I ask her to check... the guy pretends to sleep... blinked his eyes open, looked behind again, he looked out of the window... yeah....

¬_¬ Bastard!

I guess that pretty sums up today's happening. Didn't bother including eating congee and Orange MacFizz at MacD, dropped my jacket on the road blabla on the way back :P

And yes, I am in front of the computer. Saying.... The End. :P


Posted at 6/21/2005 11:57:54 pm by NiYan
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Monday, June 20, 2005
Snitched this from June

1 Ni Yan <--- in IC
2 NiNi <--- my mom (which means NONE of you may call me that)
3 Keitsu <--- for those who finds remembering my nick is easier than my name

1 Kurama
2 Ku-Chan <--- da FA~~~RK!!!
3 Keitsu Han'ei

1 My tummy <--- TnT
2 My thighs <--- Bloody heritage!!!
3 My height <--- yes, it is annoying to try and take LENGTHY strides to keep up with taller creatures!

1 ... thighs from my mom's side.
2 ... 4 eyed FROM my mom's side... again.
3 ... if i can't get that old sewing machine... i'll take my mom's ring (diamond and ruby from grandmother's earrings)

1 to see spirits <--- hearing and feeling that is bad enough.... i don't need to SEE them!
2 that i am growing old... and going to die... >_<
3 mom is growing old too...

1 Bed with 2 pillows + 1 bolster.... IMPORTANT!!!
2 PC with all the nessecary softwares with internet line, thank you.

1 NightWish <--- as Neo would say... a die-hard fan who downloaded almost all the song they had and listened to them for 3+ months non-stop... straight! (Neo! It is YOUR fault for the recomendation!!!)
2 Enya
3 Evanescence

1 Get Along (Slayers)
2 Affirmation by Savage Garden
3 Over the hills and far away by NightWish

THREE THINGS YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP: (oh shiet! i really really NO LIKE this question!)
1 Decent partner package
2 Expansions (fun life, motivational blabla)
3 With ensured insurance (break my heart and i will CRUSH you)

1 Nice silky long hair <--- rarity
2 Expressive eyes
3 The arms... *wiggles eyebrows*

1 Sleeping
2 Reading
3 Let my imagination run wild

1 Go to the nearest pool and DI~~~VE!!!!
2 To get a freaking air-con for my room
3 ... A dip in the hot tub :D

1 Japan
2 China
3 England

THREE KIDS' NAMES YOU LIKE: (O_O really REALLY need to think about this...)
1 Crys <--- from 'Crystal'
2 Vincent <--- ... don't look at me like that!!! XD XD
3 Xen

(GAWD this took me nearly an hour!!!)

1 Have my dream home (studio included).
2 Earn sufficient money and travel!
3 Adopt a child or two.

1 I despise.... makeup.
2 I rarely use handbags.
3 My room looks like one (onli diff is it has a BIT of yaoi manga here and there)

1 ... Let's just say I ate too many eggs for my own 'good'.... Or so my mother says about my figure.
2 Very very fussy about my hair (style and health)
3 I'm starting to wear more.... female blouses instead of T-shirts.

1 ...
2 ...
3 ... i am so sorry i can't answer this... really.... =_= i DON'T have celeb crushes.... real life go~~~t but celebrities? naw!

THREE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO TAKE THIS SURVEY NOW: (June took alredi so don't bother lookin for it :P)
1 Jewel
2 KyonKyon
3 Celina


HERE is something while I slowly recover my drowsiness from the sunstroke I've gotten myself (BADLY). SHoo! SHOO!!!

Posted at 6/20/2005 11:12:23 pm by NiYan
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Tuesday, 1st week

proposal: 60+%
layout plans: 85+%
information: 85+%
video: 100%

mascot images: 30+% (saving up as separate images for animation purposes, and adding more... perspective) MUST
extra effects: 5% (smoke, durians, leaf, table) MUST
background: 100%
buttons: 60+% MUST
text: 0% MUST
speech bubbles: 0% MUST
mouse: 0%
photos: 100%
wallpaper: 100%
demo drawing: 0%

mascot animation: 0%
buttons animation: 0%
logo animation: 0%

bg music: 100%
sound effects: 0%

splash page: 0% (redo cause not up to par with others!)
main page (6 links): 0%
introduction (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
client (2 links, 4 sublinks): 0%
event (2 links, 5+ sublinks): 0%
goodies (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
extra (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
faq (2 links): 0%
exit (1 link, 2 options: leave or say goodbye): 0%

note: sponsor links are always there + exit link... main link appear only at main links.

cd package: 0%

not sure if that's all... but will add on as days goes by....

Posted at 1/4/2005 5:55:55 pm by NiYan
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well... have a good talk about it and yea... they managed to identify my problem. i lost my way.... i just suddenly became blind and am not able to see where i am heading.... at times i stepped on the right path.... sometimes i just went straight down the sewage systems.

at least there is a light somewhere.... i will survive.

it seems the lecturer is being very lenient to me... great luck there and because some students had been like that. so i am given a chance to continue with the presentation. now the problem is whether i am ready or not?

mock up presentation is on NEXT wednesday, you stupid female and whoever sees me on MSN... remind me that... just in case i lost track... AGAIN.
the real presentation is on the 1st of february. so i have almost a month to bring everything together.
which i believe won't be a problem to me. if i don't get distracted.... AGAIN.

i guess i will list down what i should do and post on every place where i often frequent as a reminder.
maybe i should write it on my arms over and over again... can't miss it.

proposal: 0%
layout plans: 85+%
information: 85+%
video: 100%

mascot images: 30+% (saving up as separate images for animation purposes, and adding more... perspective) MUST
extra effects: 5% (smoke, durians, leaf) MUST
background: 100%
buttons: 60+% MUST
text: 0% MUST
speech bubbles: 0% MUST
mouse: 0%
photos: 100%
wallpaper: 100%
demo drawing: 0%

mascot animation: 0%
buttons animation: 0%
logo animation: 0%

bg music: 100%
sound effects: 0%

splash page: 0% (redo cause not up to par with others!)
main page (6 links): 0%
introduction (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
client (2 links, 4 sublinks): 0%
event (2 links, 5+ sublinks): 0%
goodies (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
extra (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
faq (2 links): 0%
exit (1 link, 2 options: leave or say goodbye): 0%

note: sponsor links are always there + exit link... main link appear only at main links.

cd package: 0%

not sure if that's all... but will add on as days goes by....
gawds... look at the zeroes.
if june sees this... >_>

starting from now.... it is the first week.

1st week:
WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
the rest of the day, type up the DAMNED proposal. will go to june's house to rummage for clothes. bring some files just in case.
night: finish up the images section and do a bit of animation.

Finish up what wasn't finish last night.
Start making Spash Page.

if proposal not finish.... TYPE!!! At least finish the information side! Images later!!!
night: continue splash page and start making the main page.
(only script the intro... do not do additional linking script yet)

Finish up what wasn't finish previously.
Start doing the introduction page.

Rounding up leftover work.
If complete... do the FAQ page.
done? client page!
still done? thank you! EVENT page!

2nd week:
Sunday: Suwey day...
Script the links between main page to other links.
work on scripting BG music in.... like winamp player. with volume control.
still got some time? do the exit page.

Proposal done or not? By now some images should be ready. (show eugene moore)
rounding up the pages again.
do sound effects.

WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
start on the idle script with assistance.
beta scripting.
rounding up pages once again.

hopefully by now...
proposal almost done
main page is done (links half working)
splash page is done
introduction page is done
client page is done
faq page is done
exit page is half-done (links half working)

project overall: 50%

Wednesday: mock-up presentation...
do whatever needed.
discuss if needed.
today is normal resting day....
do webpage design assignment if there is any.
find someone to translate japanese song 'love shine'
otherwise... party a little.

Thursday: bah!
recheck the pages again.
start on extra page.

finish what wasn't done previously.
if some images aren't complete, do it now.

start on goodies page.

3rd week

Sunday: Suwey day...
Script the links between main page to other links.
script in sound effects.
finish leftovers.

Proposal done or not? By now some images should be ready. (show eugene moore)
rounding up the pages again.

WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
start on the drag drop script with assistance.
random scripting for bubble speech.
beta scripting.
rounding up pages once again.

translation should be in by now.
if die halfway... do webpage design assignments and proposal...

if die halfway again... do webpage design assignments and proposal...
and maybe start on graphic design.

die again? do the same thing.

still not done yet, idiot? keep doing.

4th week this is the last week... remember!
...... exit pa~~~~ge!
same thing!

Proposal done or not? By now, more images should be ready. (show eugene moore)
finish up exit page.
rounding up the pages again.

WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
finish up leftovers.
beta beta BETA!

Finish up leftovers!
This is the LAST DAY to check scripting before the lecturer FLIES.

Save the entire thing into sample CD and ask June to beta.
beta beta beta~~~~~~~
graphic design, don't forget.

fix scripting errors.
round up pages AGAIN.
check linking OUT and such.

graphic design.

Final death
check project again.
save final copy.
graphic design.

by now... everything should be ready. beta one more time with eugene moore.
show proposal.
graphic design.
print at night.

Tuesday: THE DAY!
shoot and just DIE!

Will update this regularly...

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