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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

well... have a good talk about it and yea... they managed to identify my problem. i lost my way.... i just suddenly became blind and am not able to see where i am heading.... at times i stepped on the right path.... sometimes i just went straight down the sewage systems.

at least there is a light somewhere.... i will survive.

it seems the lecturer is being very lenient to me... great luck there and because some students had been like that. so i am given a chance to continue with the presentation. now the problem is whether i am ready or not?

mock up presentation is on NEXT wednesday, you stupid female and whoever sees me on MSN... remind me that... just in case i lost track... AGAIN.
the real presentation is on the 1st of february. so i have almost a month to bring everything together.
which i believe won't be a problem to me. if i don't get distracted.... AGAIN.

i guess i will list down what i should do and post on every place where i often frequent as a reminder.
maybe i should write it on my arms over and over again... can't miss it.

proposal: 0%
layout plans: 85+%
information: 85+%
video: 100%

mascot images: 30+% (saving up as separate images for animation purposes, and adding more... perspective) MUST
extra effects: 5% (smoke, durians, leaf) MUST
background: 100%
buttons: 60+% MUST
text: 0% MUST
speech bubbles: 0% MUST
mouse: 0%
photos: 100%
wallpaper: 100%
demo drawing: 0%

mascot animation: 0%
buttons animation: 0%
logo animation: 0%

bg music: 100%
sound effects: 0%

splash page: 0% (redo cause not up to par with others!)
main page (6 links): 0%
introduction (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
client (2 links, 4 sublinks): 0%
event (2 links, 5+ sublinks): 0%
goodies (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
extra (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
faq (2 links): 0%
exit (1 link, 2 options: leave or say goodbye): 0%

note: sponsor links are always there + exit link... main link appear only at main links.

cd package: 0%

not sure if that's all... but will add on as days goes by....
gawds... look at the zeroes.
if june sees this... >_>

starting from now.... it is the first week.

1st week:
WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
the rest of the day, type up the DAMNED proposal. will go to june's house to rummage for clothes. bring some files just in case.
night: finish up the images section and do a bit of animation.

Finish up what wasn't finish last night.
Start making Spash Page.

if proposal not finish.... TYPE!!! At least finish the information side! Images later!!!
night: continue splash page and start making the main page.
(only script the intro... do not do additional linking script yet)

Finish up what wasn't finish previously.
Start doing the introduction page.

Rounding up leftover work.
If complete... do the FAQ page.
done? client page!
still done? thank you! EVENT page!

2nd week:
Sunday: Suwey day...
Script the links between main page to other links.
work on scripting BG music in.... like winamp player. with volume control.
still got some time? do the exit page.

Proposal done or not? By now some images should be ready. (show eugene moore)
rounding up the pages again.
do sound effects.

WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
start on the idle script with assistance.
beta scripting.
rounding up pages once again.

hopefully by now...
proposal almost done
main page is done (links half working)
splash page is done
introduction page is done
client page is done
faq page is done
exit page is half-done (links half working)

project overall: 50%

Wednesday: mock-up presentation...
do whatever needed.
discuss if needed.
today is normal resting day....
do webpage design assignment if there is any.
find someone to translate japanese song 'love shine'
otherwise... party a little.

Thursday: bah!
recheck the pages again.
start on extra page.

finish what wasn't done previously.
if some images aren't complete, do it now.

start on goodies page.

3rd week

Sunday: Suwey day...
Script the links between main page to other links.
script in sound effects.
finish leftovers.

Proposal done or not? By now some images should be ready. (show eugene moore)
rounding up the pages again.

WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
start on the drag drop script with assistance.
random scripting for bubble speech.
beta scripting.
rounding up pages once again.

translation should be in by now.
if die halfway... do webpage design assignments and proposal...

if die halfway again... do webpage design assignments and proposal...
and maybe start on graphic design.

die again? do the same thing.

still not done yet, idiot? keep doing.

4th week this is the last week... remember!
...... exit pa~~~~ge!
same thing!

Proposal done or not? By now, more images should be ready. (show eugene moore)
finish up exit page.
rounding up the pages again.

WebPage Design class until 11.30am.
finish up leftovers.
beta beta BETA!

Finish up leftovers!
This is the LAST DAY to check scripting before the lecturer FLIES.

Save the entire thing into sample CD and ask June to beta.
beta beta beta~~~~~~~
graphic design, don't forget.

fix scripting errors.
round up pages AGAIN.
check linking OUT and such.

graphic design.

Final death
check project again.
save final copy.
graphic design.

by now... everything should be ready. beta one more time with eugene moore.
show proposal.
graphic design.
print at night.

Tuesday: THE DAY!
shoot and just DIE!

Will update this regularly...

Posted at 1/4/2005 12:53:49 am by NiYan


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