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Monday, January 03, 2005
Picking up what is left of me...

... hello everyone....
it had been a long time since i last written an entry, no?
do i need an explanation for that... i guess i will tell since i need somewhere to pour out my.... what i had been moping about.

some may take offence in this entry... but by the time i finished typing... i guess i could take in more flames by then.

how often had i been listening to people..... and how many times had i helped them in that?
yea i know i shouldn't start counting the owes and such... i guess i am pretty good in comparing and finding mistakes and solutions.
pretty innocently though... i couldn't seem to identify my own problems. the problem is there... but it is evading me pretty well... though others may see it, i can't.
what is the problem called? insecurity. hopelessness. and large amount of depression.
the usual drugs. damn.

since small i had been an outcast (honestly, how many of us claimed as that?)... i am able to make friends but some people just don't like me... and slam that information into my face when i just wish to greet them for the first time. why? because i am a nerd... because i am from an average family.... and i am a bastard child. really, how do the people of my generation knew not to be close to me when i myself do not know? it is like i am a mosquito and everyone is out to get me.

being able to make friends is one thing... but i can't seem to keep them for long. everytime i say 'this is my best friend', the person will either betray me... break my heart... and some other people decided to shove a nice smelly shoe into the relationship to keep the friend i adore and came to care.

now i have a better friend... i dare not say anything to change it.... and the relationship is not as close as the recent broken friendship i used to have.
i am keeping secrets... and if i want to share with her, it isn't easy for me to express.

i can't be alone... i shouldn't be alone... i know i couldn't go on much if i am alone. i need contact... and i need bloody damn alot.

having no friends in my own college for forking two years had made a mark in me. seriously, i had become more depressing... more... careless in some sense.
and my studies are showing it and it is a bad sign.
mom isn't happy... no... neither am i.

hell yea i am selfish. i'll be damned WELL i don't SHARE... but i really don't appreciate people stepping on me because my character is not to their liking. yes i do sit on chairs in many awkward manners. i tend to be a bit too.... loud for a girl. in fact... i was told i was being too friendly to the adults behind the adminitration desks and the principal and lecturers. too friendly in such a sense that they are my equal.

in my opinion, WHY NOT?!! he/she is no king or queen... maybe someone older and better rankings... but human nontheless. even if he is the prime minister, oh hello! shake hands! go off. i don't know him very well and i don't see why i should converse with him and get closer with him for whatever thrilly reasons. i respect every individual in different ways. oh meet the king! bow! kneel! and shut up. i will refuse to talk to him. why...? hell yeah i want to keep my head where it is. i am too friendly... too casual to everyone.

screw that fact! i've been stepped by adults who thinks they are superior.... because they are older and i should worship the very ground they walk. i am sorry, i can't do that. because i don't know how and i doubt i could and will learn.

'father' is very fatherly... and many people tend to enjoy REMINDING me... in a very bad way. hell i DO know why someone is missing in the party.. hell i KNOW why i don't have a strong support behind me anymore.
no matter what, he is a biological father and he did a damn good job to keep me secure.
mom is doing in a kindly... gentle manner. almost in a scared manner as i do have my father's fury at times. not.working.dammit. i need a support, i need strength! i need something to keep me going! putting my career dreams in front of me is not working when i am not allowed to make my first choice real. i wanted to go to TOA dammit... no i don't want to know other colleges nearer... no. DAMN!

my interest had practically went beyond negativity.... my motivation alone... standing on my own very small undeveloped support.................................... could you see it?

i had failed a number of subjects and during the first term... i will be repeating 1 subject and resitting 2. now the big catch... last term is my final term and guess what.... i couldn't attend the presentation for the final project. why? because i had been absent. double why? now that's the problem.... i just... don't want to go..... no matter what. i just can't FACE that class for whatever reasons. i just couldn't. TRIPLE why? fear... depression... suppression.

telling me that my 'father' will be so proud of me because i am failing WILL NOT WORK, DAMN YOU MOM! stop rubbing THAT into my face! you are making it worst....

and now i had this sudden spark to go to TOA to improve my drawing skills. and i will start on this VERY TERM. i need i really NEED to push my body back into gear. i want to be how i am when i left secondary school. full of anticipation and enthusiasm. i need it back. because i miss the thrill.... the happiness created from it.

if i must PUSH even further... i will WORK! i INTEND to work! why?!! because i want to push myself back to my original self... so that i could go overseas. THAT's WHY!!!
but i am doing a damn bad job on picking myself up. friends will be friends but they do have other friends....

i guess i am all on my own this time.... time to learn how to move on now...
but i do have a wish... i hope my 'father' leaves the house immediately. i don't want to see his face. such an awful reminder in the house that he is doing a bad job on being a father. stupid traitorous support.

time for me to go down and have a slow talk with amy on how shall i reduce the damage of my final term. hell i know i can't go for the class but is it possible for me to repeat on a lighter note...

see you all... if there is all...
you will all know how much i fare in picking up what was left of me and what had become of me when i mold it back....

Posted at 1/3/2005 12:35:39 pm by NiYan
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
I am only worth this much.

I'm worth $1,238,266.89! How much are you worth?

Posted at 11/24/2004 1:22:53 am by NiYan
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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Sign:

4. Any nickname?
Keitsu Han'ei, Kei, K2, Kurama, Ku-Chan, dumb fox (and related name calling in that order)

5. When was your first love?
... *whispers* Darren Ong... shhh :D

7. How tall are you?
i suspect i didn't grow much nor i have any idea how to measure so i guess i am pretty much stuck at 165cm. 5 feet 5 inche... not bad not bad.

8. How many ex gf/bf do u have?
plentiful of gurlPRENS *shakes eyebrows disdainfully*

9. Sour, spicy or sweet?
well, i pretty much like the bitter sweetness of black chocolate, the tender calm quiet taste of black olives (i couldn't describe the taste... so you try it and tell me) and salty stuff but i'd prefer not to overdose on the first and last favs.

10. What would u do when you are free?
sleep sleep sleep doodle internet ro ro sle~~~ep! i'll add in the PS part when the PS1 is finally fixed.

11. Hobbies?
doodling, dreamin/sleepin, ro, reading, designing and plotting comic ideas (pls pls stop! i have too many ideas to draw now >_<)

12. ur fav place to shop?
... if you are askin where i like to WINDOW shop... i like KLCC and MidValley at expensive boutiques. really buying stuff? when i am blinded with desire to own the property... and when i earn my own money, i'll get back to you on that.

13. What are ur fav magazines?
comic magazines. stopped buyin for quite some time. the artists around here are pretty much thinking up STOOOPID stories that always make me hitch a ride to their office and pulverise them for their intnsive idiocy they were portraying.

14. Are you a drinker?
rarely, but yea. i enjoy a booz once a while.

15. How much money will you bring when you are out?
to college? RM10 that could last me 2-3 days... probably longer if i refuse to eat. go out with people? rm50 to keep myself ALIVE with whatever they plan to spend on (and deliberately forcing me to be in debt...)

16. Car, diamonds or money?
money! then i could take my mom travelling.

17. What phone are you holding now?
nokia 3315. yes, i love my phone and no, i have no desire in changing it anytime soon.

18. Coffee Bean or Starbucks?
BEAN >_< ask for a cup of hot chocolate... and they gave me a big glass of... of... said beverage... looking like it but taste AWFULLY like MILK POWDER >_< and their ice blended chocolate taste like goodday chocolate milk! GAWDS!!! and their huge chocolate cookie is tastefully BAD!

19. Where do you stay?

20. What is your favourite food?
unagi, raw salmon, black olives, fettucini carbonara, bitter gourd, lotus roots and lots of chinese herbs and vegetables used to boil soup.

21. Chocolates, Sweets or cakes?
BLACK chocolate. CERTAIN cakes. don't like sweets.

22. Can your ears move?
managed to move them before... but now i've forgotten which muscle was it...

23. Do you dye your hair?
it is bleached and dyed... and dyed again and will be bleached and DYED once more later.

24. What languages do you speak?
english, malay, cantonese/mandarin (have the tendency to mix the said languages) and a few stray japanese words.

25. How many phones in your house?
1 phone line, 1 phone, 2 mobiles (including 'father')

26. How many toilets?

27. When you are doing your business in the toilet what would you do?
... read? then again. there was a question once whether or not that i am the kind of person who could sleep anywhere, even in the toilet. i admitted i nearly fell asleep in the toilet when i had to go do whatever nature it was in the middle of the night... hey anyone would sleep if they were in my shoes.... oh not.

28. Do you swim?
yes, and is waiting for an opportunity to do it after more than 3 years being on LAND.

29. Do you gamble?

30. What is your favorite sport?
swimming, ice-skating, dancing, badminton... that's all i guess.

31. Love, techno or classical?
i am more of the new age type. but i appreciate all kinds of styles as long as the rhythm and melody is good and there are meaning in the songs... instead of random trashing.

32. What is your favourite drink?
herbal tea. orange, guava juice. ah! apple beetroot juice. cincau~~~! justea peach! and canned apple tea.

33. How bad is your temper?
depends... i rarely get angry unless you stabbed a bull's eye into my pride, thoughts and possessions.

34. What kind of person are you?
2 words of what the norm (if you think the bullies and high uppity classes are norm)... freaky nerd.

35. What would you wear when you go to bed?
assorted of cooling t-shirts and shorts.

36. What is the 1st thing to do when you wake up?
try to go back to sleep.

37. Do you eat breakfast?
if there is classes, yes. if not... i'll sleep beyond...

> 38. Favorite tv shows?
currently MUST watch cooking master boy!!! and do a anime marathon (FMA) at june's house.

39. Who are you thinking of?
... ... i'm not sure of the point of this question...

40. Where do you like to go?
HOME!!! *looks around the multimedia lab*

41. Do you wear specs?
i do, and am bloody proud with it.

42. When is your birthday?
16 may. teacher's day.

43. Do you buy branded goods, what sorts?
i don't really care of the brand. as long as it is cheap/reasonable pricing and good quality and i like the fashion taste (i do not go for fashion updates and such)... i'll buy.

44. How many hours do you spend talking on the phone?
a day? if a week... come up to an hour nowadays? unless someone is particularly bored and decides to phone me... 2 hours one go. that is if the caller had some good things to talk about. or i will sound really really bored and will attempt to shove the phone down his/her throat in my dream mode.

45. If a guy or a lady want to know you as a friend, would you give your number to them?
. . . you mean out of the blue, one pops out and says 'hi! i want to get to know you. can i have your number?'? well i'll just look at them as if they grew 10 heads one go and promptly ignore them.

46. Do you watch movies in the cinema?
if friends drag me.

47. One night stand?
fork yourself... thank you.

48. Ever smoke weed/marijuana?
never did, never will.

49. Ever dream/wished to be the opposite sex?
yes.. *waggles her eyebrows* *hinthint*

50. Your favourite quote?
we are the puppets, the world is a stage and audience. act well or be yourself. choose.

Posted at 9/1/2004 4:01:36 pm by NiYan
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Friday, August 06, 2004
End testing...

Well... what do you know... it does work!
Although I don't like that stupid banner at the bottom of the email there U_@
Ah well... give and take some.
I think I prefer to use the mafan way larh.
And also if I want to upload links and images... hm.

Posted at 8/6/2004 10:03:14 pm by NiYan
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Testing features...

DOn't bother about this entry!
Just testing to see whether or not the extra blogdrive feature does work true to their words...
I could just email to my blog and it auto pins this mail/entry up for me.
Let's see whether it works :3
Find what you are looking for with the Lycos Yellow Pages

Posted at 8/6/2004 10:00:35 pm by NiYan
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Ah by the way...
For now, I am thinking of renaming this Blog "Reflections of the Forgotten Moon"...
Well... How should I put it...

This particular blog with the special URL of my first nick "Keitsu" blablabla *gets throttled down* coughcough ok ok. In other words, I'm thinking of treating it as a real diary.

Now WAIT a minute... isn't this an ONLINE DIARY a long long time ago since I used it?
True true... but I treated it as a noticeboard, not a diary to keep all my secrets.

So~~~ *rolls up sleeves* I'm going to baptized you again.... as DIARY!


Ok ok I know it sounds a bit stupid and common blabla... *throttled again*
Maybe I should name it 'Pecky', no? :3 *slowly drowns in her puddle of blood*

Ah, I think I'll leave it as my mind, me talking to myself (as I always do), just repeating my happenings to myself to humour my own pitiful woeful soul blabla *plucks herself carefully from the drain*

But one thing for sure, I'll be creating another blog specially for my mom to keep in touch (sort of) with me overseas. (I WILL GO OVERSEAS!!!)
A blog that goes, "Dear Ah Mi (my way of calling my mom 'mom)" and "Dear (insert whatever my mom wishes to call me)". Get it? A diary that connects use both and in fact, correspond each other :D

Sounds goo~~~d!

Now the next thing is... I'm not telling you the URL :D
Except a few people who I trust not to broadcast it for the sake of it :D
Which I doubt they would as they will surely not bother :D

Love ya XD

Posted at 8/6/2004 9:55:48 pm by NiYan
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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Humping WedNesDay 01!

In honor of August 4th in 1693 when Dom Perignon invented that great bubbly, champagne, let's take the letters of the word C-H-A-M-P-A-G-N-E to tell a little about yourself.

C-craps alot just to get away from 'trouble'
H-hellish mood-swings
A-always smile
G-give her a friend and she treasures it
N-never smoke
E-egoistical at times

Ok, now that you're all warmed up and on a humpin' roll, lets get right down to the humptiness of a dozen "I say _____, you think _____"!

01. pop = weasel
02. toast = bread
03. glass = ... glass?
04. holiday = boredom
05. bottle = glass bottle
06. join = party
07. barrel = ale!
08. beach = HOT HOT HOT!!!
09. paper = draw!
10. bottom = .... butt?
11. love = emotion
12. wrap = presents!

Posted at 8/5/2004 4:20:47 pm by NiYan
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Summary to current life!

Heyo~~~ People! :3

Been a long time since I typed a proper journal entry, no~~~? :3


*crickets chirped*
*author left twitching on the ground, bleeding*

I recently decided to revive my very much dead WebSite, B.S.Aesth :3 Due to the fact that I'm learning WebPage Design now (and boring me to senseless as I knew nine tenths of the syllabus, and the other one tenth was my own personally curious questions). Learning how to use Adobe GoLive pretty much taught me how to tame the almighty scary DreamWeaver that shocked me senseless with the amount of buttons appeared all around.

Managed to revive certain 'important' links and tried it back at home (college using Netscape while house is Morzilla, trying to solve the prob of browser size), only to find loads of error... bah! And the files and program were at college... u~~~rgh!

Flash and Director weren't helping much either. Director seemed to be making much more sense (script-wise) and currently learning Flash actionscript, and horror upon horror.... I greatly suspect I'm gonna mix and mess both scripting together... >_<

Need to do my very best to up my CGPA (cumulative grade point average) to 3.000 or somewhere really close >_< I want to go to RMIT with Ju~~~ne! Heck, they have the course I'm going after!!! Hopefully I am allowed to be exempted some subjects which I learnt here... plea~~~se! I can't afford 3 years there TT_TT.
Another reason why I need to revive my WebSite. Already started to gather my portfolio (they are pretty much everywhere... =_=).

*looks thru her records*
E~~~h... Looks like I need to retake Digital Illustration (urgh!), Visual Culture 3 (STRIKE ME DEAD!), 3D Animation 1 (die larh die!), 3D Animation 2 (great god!), Multimedia Professional Practice 2 (!)... Hopeful this term I could score beyond Grade C.
If I could make sure my scores are higher than that, I might have a chance. Failed (possibly) 2 and (definite) 1. Of course if the possibled fails were

remarked but lower than Grade C... retake!
All Grade D subjects ALSO RETAKE! Need to boost me records!!! Must get Grade B - C+ >_<. If still not good enough... RETAKE GRADE C SUBJECTS!!! (money is going to fl~~~y!) THat will be... 8 subjects to retake (maybe less... it depends...). This will seriously cost me RM2100++ ... =_=

Time to work my sorry arse off...

Well, I pretty much decided to major on Web-Authoring and Digital Compositing. :3

Digital Compositing:
Gives a refined appreciation of the aesthetic and design possibilities of the composited digital image (both moving and static). It will develop the understanding of the methodology and processes of digital compositing which will help estimate both the time and resource implications required to achieve a given effect.
Topic areas will include: analysis of the composited image and how this aesthetic has developed; the surreal image; planning of composited sequences and effects; advanced keying techniques; the use of layers and filters; advanced digital effects; and critical reviews of set assignments.

*two thumbs up*

Provides the means to advance understanding of the creative possibilities of advanced web authoring (programming and construction techniques) as applied to innovative and engaging presentation of interactive Internet content.
The subject will cover: lateral treatment of web elements; advanced concept realisation; information design within a networked environment; site embedded devices such as metadata to respond to search engine enquires to increase a site's 'hit' rate; user tailored sites; image and sound media streaming; webcasting; new developments in software plug-ins and HTML code which make web pages more dynamic and interactive; and useability testing.

Now... I'm getting somewhere good. :3

But the bad thing is... the fees to go to RMIT might be RM90K++ >_< That is a big BIG punchslapslaprighthooklefthookguttercomboflyingkick! >_< And that is the fees if I could get exempted for 1 year (entire course is 3 years) ... and to stay there for a year is RM50K++ ... repetitivecombocombocombocombodeathblow!

I thought of going to Waikato (chinese pronounciation = why there? lol) University, New Zealand. Where I could chase the cows and sheeps, and the bulls chase me back home. Unfortunately, their website is too simple and they don't provide the entire information fo the course I'm looking for. You can't expect me to just grab the course that claimed to be what I'm looking for, and find myself staring dumbly in a 3D animation class... That is practically sending me to my doom! Site presentation not very good.

Swinburne was claimed to be one of the best schools. For Multimedia... I wonder whether they meant for pure IT-based Multimedia or Creative Multimedia... as I went thru their WebSite... Sorry to say, was the suckiest I had ever seen from a Uni that provides that particular course I'm looking for. I know no shit on where and what to click to get what I wanted. Unless they revamp it, I'm not looking at that site (I stared at it dumbly for half an hour to figure out what to click... and found nothing)

So obviously RMIT pretty much impressed me with what they had to offer me... now it is for ME to impress them! *clutches self and did a dramatically touching pose* I think I should just join bloody acting instead... >_@

Hopefully I could hit July intake... Otherwise, it will be February 2006. U_U

Currently a little deprived of Yaoi... Stinking Streamyx and Bittorent! Can download my files faster abit can ah?!! All the ones I wanted had been DCed due to the laggyness of Streamyx (damn you Telekom! What the HELL are you guys doing besides warming your bums?!!) And I can't seem to find enough Yaoi material... u~~rgh.... I need Ai no Kusabi~~~ *sob*

Currently teaching myself to go and read shounen and shoujo manga... in fact I am downloading a 'food test' video ("Oishinbo")... much to my utmost... surprise? Anyways, I just had to hook myself on the channel 8 show on thurs and fri evening to watch some cooking anime show... which was hillarious by the way they cook and pour in the ingredients... the serving, the aura while cooking and whatever crap shining phenomenon when the dish was revealed... a total DragonBall ripped off humilation... lol. Everytime they started FIGHTCOOKING... I had to stop laughing before the whole show ends. Planning to get my mom to sit right next to me to interpret the ingredients and procedures on how to make the dish. Bloody idiots! Voice dubbed in chinese and no bloody subtitles... I am a CHINESE BANANA DAMNIT!!!

Recently I attempted to shoot photos for a competition (which was a total failure... none of the pics turned out, so screw it!). Then I sent in an essay for an English competition by MPH. Heck, they said whatever entries come in can't be returned and they were allowed to republished those entries as they wish...

Purposely sent in a morbid angst story (about a killer's point of view at the end of his judged punishment) and make a mark! I am pretty certain loads of people will send in happy happy ending or sob sob happy ending... somewhere in that range! Throw in an angst angst morbid DEATH story and see how well I screw up the whole system. Whoever won the competition, I insist on reading it to compare with mine! Can't let them bias my work, just because I'm a sad mad angst morbid person, to a common child's story. They did mention to compose a story of any topic, and so, I sent in an unusual piece. Let's see how they rate it, hmph! I'm pretty sure they are going to throw me off the ranks for supporting psychotic understanding, killing and execution of sorts! BAH!

So no~~~w! I told June about an upcoming competition that requires a person or a group (max 4) to do a video/animation to promote "celebrating Diversity". We thought up some funny ideas to send in WHICH I will not insert here to allow some people to rip it off >_@. After the contest is over, THEN I drop it off on my portfolio. And that will be after November. :3

Just recently revived my old manga with a definite plotline (though having loads of problems with KeenSpace, my future host isn't replying and a total screw up on the PortFolio site. So... I'll just take my time.
Have a sudden fetish on Ragnarok... In fact made a story of it. 4-panel manga. :3 Hehe!

I think that's all for now. That should pretty much summed up everything.
Stupid Oishinbo... 10% more... come on 10% more! FASTER DOWNLOAD!!! >_<

Posted at 8/5/2004 2:55:35 am by NiYan
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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Camp: day 2 + last day!!!

*cooks her maggi noodles*
wait wait gimme a moment.... *sizzle boil stir* *makes minestrone soup and mix*

okiez! onwards with the camping! *fans her hot noodles*

30 June 2004

June woke me up at 7AM (bah!) and anyways I couldn't really sleep as it was stuffy... we had not idea how to tie up the cover... as it had slipped and closed the airway....

So it was freaking hot and not cold last night... And I found out that the guys... some were too tall or too big (a pair of tall and big guys couldn't fit that measly tent)... some had to roll out the mat OUTSIDE... lol Go feed the mosquitoes, boys!

Started cooking breakfast (just grab anything and throw into the fire) and convieniently I was still sleepy... I hobbled back to the tent to take a nap....

By the time I woke up, some were sleeping while the rest were gathering wood. Well, the guys were pretty much having fun hitting the wood to the ground to split them, showing how strong they were, lol. The strongest so far is still Ah Jo! From Cameron! Father was a farmer! And look at those muscles! They weren't those bulky insane vomitful looking heavyweight kind, but those lean muscle... fuyoooooooooooooooo really 'cuci mata' (wash eyes/a sight to behold) XD

After piling the wood at an empty camp plot, they discussed on how to get to the rover track (in other words... we weren't heading to any water source at all).... I tried my hardest to chicken out... and after all, my legs were aching like mad because of yesterday's impromptu overload WARM-UP... But I wasn't allowed to stay at the camp alone... Rex joined me :3... and a guy too (forgotten his name, whoops). We sort of play around at the bonfire, packing and getting ready kind of thing (which cost me my left ankle to do the big TWIST!). Then we loitered around the hall as the day was getting a little too hot.

The guy started to play music and such, Rex and I talked crap god knew what with him. It was then THREE FEMALES popped out from where the cars were (fully dressed, you dopeheads!). We kept watch of them and asked their reasons for being around... It seemed that they were teachers from a primary school, checking out the place for the coming camping (on sat) for their little scouts. We told them what was what (as they seemed real blur looking at the site) and off they go to observe out camps while Rex and I kept watch at the hall.

They left and FIVE guys popped up from the kitchen (which was VERY CLOSE TO THE WILDERNESS), I was ready to get something to tapau them if they dare try anything. Until we noticed their badges.... Tenaga National.... uh-oh. Well of course, with THIRTEEN teenagers without any supervising... you can imagine what kind of mess we did.

They come and go, we loitered somemore... Rex and I napped a bit... until Rex said the forbidden sentence....

"Don't you think it is getting a little too cold now?"

The rain had arrived splitsplattering on the camp... AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!

We were practically running EVERYWHERE!!!! Getting the clothes in and the BLOODY TWIGS!!! Thanks to my twisted ankle, my speed was cut down by half... I shoved the clothes I managed to salvaged into the tent June and I shared. I made a grab on the smaller twigs and dumped it at the hall. The food and such too.... next prob was the bigger logs. We can't let it just get wet! The guy made a grab on one of the tent's covering and replaced it with a bucket (I suspect it was his tent) to protect the pile (a small covering on a big pile... sorry leh, cannot save). He somehow managed to find a BIGGER covering from some badly made storehouse and we placed the covering back to the tent.

Then we headed back to the hall (of course, after securing all the tents properly zipped and covered from the rain), Rex and I was utterly bored, we started folding the clothes that Rex brought to the hall (say hello to Win's socks!). It was then, I decided to nap once again (I like to sleep larh lol).

Much later, we kept awake for a GOOD while as a jogger from the wilderness took shelter at the kitchen... an Indian at the back corner of the hall... ... ... I'm a dumb ass to be asleep when there were strangers taking shelter nearby. Then Rex and I started talking and WORRYING over the rest of the group on the Rover track, hoping they were smart enough to stop tracking and wait... and do NOT BACKTRACK!!! (guy sleeping)

After a couple more hours... we were still worried, even though Rex assured me about basically what time they will be back. It was then... 4 of them made it back. 4... FOUR OUT OF NINE!!! O_O Ok now WHAT happened?!!

To cut their story short(it is their story to tell not mine lol) whoever is from Malaysia will know basically where Frim is. Very near to Kepong... I repeat... KEPONG! Now tell me... how in the world they managed to venture OUT of the Rover track to SUNGAI BULUH?!! Winfred once again was leading the group... OI kena rasuk ah boy?!!

The story on how they reached there and got back were hillarious... they walked on a tar road, passed a kampung, passed a chinese CEMETARY (my GAWD!!! at THAT point, you guys can't see what was wrong with the picture?!!), chinese temple, before eventually stood in front of a nice nursery... and our Ah Jo, the farmer boy just had to say this to the auntie...

"Auntie, could you please take us back to the graveyard?" (in chinese)

... All of them were wet... tired... Everyone should know by now how she reacted lol.

Brought them back... only to track back to her for another ride to the KTM station.... *massaged her temples*
Hence 4 came back to get the cars and drove back to the poor 'beggars' standing behind the carbonated drink machine. Which was delayed as Win somehow managed to get them on the wrong train... taking them to the opposite direction of FRIM. (the signboards and directories are THERE for a reason NGOK!!!)

Hence, the ones who were excluded from the trip (which I STILL THINK we are FORTUNATE then otherwise mentioned) boiled some soup for them and a hefty warm dinner(with Ah Jo as the MAN to MAN the fire lol). Win kept on saying that we were unfortunate to not join this fantastic adventure... I responded that ALL OF THEM were DAMN LUCKY we didn't or else I doubt the hot soup would be out here for them to drool, all clothes and twigs would be wet, some items would have been missing from the camp... and the final straw, we WILL stay in HIS KEPONG house to payback for that awful trip!

As I mentioned at the previous post about the government's tents... eventhough we closed the tents properly... they leaked. ALL OF THEM. The two tents we brought ourselves were safe (although it stunk due to the rain). Since majority of the people were camping at the hall (this is not bloody survival camp already... geez! stupid rain!)

Managed to stay up really late :3 Played loads of games and a lot of hoo hah hoo hah! I'm once again the first girl to go to sleep :3
Sometime during the night, June slept on my mat... slowly tug on my sleeping bag... which much much later, I gave up the whole thing to her and started walking around and disturb Eva and Keong who were awake in the morning tryin to god knew what to cook (water dirty, damn!)

Which means it was pretty much the next day!

We sorted some of the things and burnt Teck's (cleaned) pot once again :D
And when June woke up, I grabbed her to go around cleaning up most off the rubbish on the site. (most of our stuff are at the hall)
We packed our stuff and sorted some rubbish, took a while for the rest of the guys to get up.
We ate a little (measly) food... and after we packed and stuff.... We were once again ahead of schedule... started rotting around.

Played 'who is the mafia' for a couple of last time, in the end succeeding to point out who is the mafia (eventhough I as a spy got killed but managed to point out which one was the mafia :D) so... we had a draw on leftover food (lol) and off we go to Selayang.

Kuew Teow tasted so bloody damn good whoa! And we were (sort of) back into civilization. We bought some fruits for the lady and sent Rex home... From Selayang, by all means we were supposed to go off to Sungai Buluh... Halfway thru, we strayed off track into a town (which I don't understand as we weren't suppose to go into any town to go to Sungai Buluh) only to find out, wrong way. Wi~~~nfre~~~d!

Drove on and on... I joked with Teck and June about how I'm going to kill Win if he accidentally pointed us to Kuantan... and we passed a sign (pointing Kuantan) on the left side of where we were going... whoa.

Somewhere in between, we found a shortcut overbridge to go to Sungai Buluh... but no~~~~~~ must take the underway and face the bloody long queues and traffic light.... Whatlarh deh!!!

Met up with the lady and chitchat abit before going off and separated ourselves. Got dropped/dumped/thrown off the car after doing the same to Teck at Sunway :3

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
About GEEX

Ah... I think I forgotten to mention on the blog about GEEX.

It seemed that the stupid dunguheaded newpapers recycled the articles... and never bother to find out whether it is still on or not... and stupid GEEX didn't inform the cancelation PROPERLY.... damn bugger....

Posted at 7/14/2004 2:01:51 pm by NiYan
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