Entry: Tuesday, 1st week Tuesday, January 04, 2005

proposal: 60+%
layout plans: 85+%
information: 85+%
video: 100%

mascot images: 30+% (saving up as separate images for animation purposes, and adding more... perspective) MUST
extra effects: 5% (smoke, durians, leaf, table) MUST
background: 100%
buttons: 60+% MUST
text: 0% MUST
speech bubbles: 0% MUST
mouse: 0%
photos: 100%
wallpaper: 100%
demo drawing: 0%

mascot animation: 0%
buttons animation: 0%
logo animation: 0%

bg music: 100%
sound effects: 0%

splash page: 0% (redo cause not up to par with others!)
main page (6 links): 0%
introduction (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
client (2 links, 4 sublinks): 0%
event (2 links, 5+ sublinks): 0%
goodies (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
extra (2 links, 3 sublinks): 0%
faq (2 links): 0%
exit (1 link, 2 options: leave or say goodbye): 0%

note: sponsor links are always there + exit link... main link appear only at main links.

cd package: 0%

not sure if that's all... but will add on as days goes by....


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