Entry: kusukusukusu Tuesday, June 21, 2005

*ties her hair up with a crocodile clip*

Heya peeps... due to unforseen circumstances...

*gets pelted by tomatoes*

Anyways!!! :D YO PEEPS!!! Just recently recovered from my sunstroke... ma~~~n! These days are getting hotter by the YEARS!!! Is Mother Nature trying to say or prove something?!! I surely FELT her melting moments... gurh!

And because of that... pimples attack like mosquitoes swarming for blood..... GEEZ!!!

Alright! Welcome back to all fellow friends from overseas! Having fun now in Malaysia, thy sweet homeland? For some who don't like it, quit spitting, thanks.

Today is the almight infamous yearly (I think) sale for Jusco members through out Malaysia... and I set off with Mom at 6PM.

(and the BASTARD bus got us to MidValley at 7PM..... BAH!)

Ate some Thai Japanese fusion food... 2 set mono set meals (light portion, large taste)... Well HELL it WAS a light portion... One HUGE bowl of rice and 3 teenie weenie tempura..... *shoots* If it wasn't for the refill drinks, the little hot salad and egg.... I'm gonna eat the plate for good measure.

Went past the supermarket and sampled 'misai kucing' (Cat's whiskers) tea... yes, it is a name of a plant. Stop looking at me like that. Lovely smell and very light taste.... But I would say these day, people is finding more things to turn into tea... =_=

Here! Misai Kucing!

Managed to squeeze shove through the crowd and fished out 3 shirts and 3 pairs of shoes! *wiggles eyebrows* It had been... *counts* 5+ years since I got my yearly high heels and this year I bought 2 pairs of black office shoes, 1 pair of plain shoes, 1 pair of sneaker, 1 pair of male boots and a pair of ankle high heel boots. *swings a fist to the air* WAHAHAHAHA!!!

But I doubt I could wear the black cool boots in this forest weather anytime soon without ruining it =_= *drags it to overseas*

We spent RM150+ and ran to look for the voucher redemption counter which is available on every floor... We were on the first floor but couldn't really find it due to the crowd, reconfirm there was one upstairs and UP we go...

And SERIOUSLY... The LAST thing I wanna hear was that the said counter is 2 FREAKING floors DOWN..............

And yes.... there WAS a counter on the floor we were on... I was that close to throwing that promoter down the escalator.

Amusingly.... The queue was loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Amusing. Yes.

Managed to get the RM10 voucher (cheapskate) and we RAN to the bus-stop. It was 9.50PM and the bus will arrive at that very time.

Reached there within 7 minutes only to find out the bus back home will come in 5 minutes.
Well, at least we get a good place to sit. Whee~~~!!!

Though I don't like the fact the idiot behind me seems to be enjoying shoving chair to and fro while I speak to my mom.... And when I ask her to check... the guy pretends to sleep... blinked his eyes open, looked behind again, he looked out of the window... yeah....

_ Bastard!

I guess that pretty sums up today's happening. Didn't bother including eating congee and Orange MacFizz at MacD, dropped my jacket on the road blabla on the way back :P

And yes, I am in front of the computer. Saying.... The End. :P




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June 22, 2005   12:35 AM PDT
Ooohh, i want to have a look at them shoes sometime ;3 mweheeheehee

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