Entry: Long overdue entry 02 Wednesday, February 08, 2006

8th Feb 2006: Samantha/Grafitti has arrived.


Did our banking and gotten a new SIM card. I just don't understand why they give me a look when I asked about bankng in more or less two thousand cash… Went shopping at ‛Park n Save' and bought quite a number of stuff. And I think DeeDee, Kenneth and Tiffany were irritated that I was such a scrooge and stingy about sharing… They bought a lot of stuff I won't normally eat or use and I couldn't browse the aisles the way I like…


And the ‛beef-flavoured' sausage we bought? A huge suspicion it was pork… horrible bugger… Until today, almost everyday, Sam and I had been trying to finish it.


Back in their flats, Samantha was washing up. Hello!

At least, I'm not so lonely anymore.


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