Entry: Long overdue entry 04 Friday, February 10, 2006

10th Feb 2006: A tour guide… and a broke in.


There was some confusion in my schedule and I made Sam and I late for the tour… (Gomen nasai, Sam!!! >o<)


We were given a more detailed information about the place and where basically everything were. Found the UCOL gym (which I tried to walk and search and found it was way too far), the pool (far too), went to the East of Wanganui and went up the tower…


*snorted laughter*


You’ll understand once I get the pics up. There were two towers and Sam and I only went up the smaller one. Planning to come back during Easter holidays to have a better look around there. Got sushi there (the guides boasted and it wasn’t fantastic, chieh!).


Went to the supermarket again and found Marmite. Big Smile

But doesn’t taste as good as Malaysia’s. On the bread, it tasted alright. But made into a warm drink? Tsk!


Mom: Please ship Marmite too. And rolled oats... theirs are... blargh, they don't grow fat in the water!


Went up to see Hazel about my schedule and because they threw a huge bomb at me about losing my transfer credits… I nearly lost my cool when they threw a supposedly calming and joking comment: “Looks like you’ll be a nomad for a while.”


I had so much difficulties getting here and getting used to this place, please don’t ruin this.


To add the cherry to the top, DeeDee moved out because her two friends will help her wake her up in the mornings easier. She took the butter. Left behind the salt and sugar. She took the clothes detergent and the softener. (and now, all her friends are using it ‘till half gone and they do their small loads of washing nearly everyday…) Seriously thinking twice about her.


Couldn’t take it anymore, so I called home and crapped with my bro. Mmm.




It seemed this night, someone got one of the guy’s keys, got in and stole his video camera and shoes. Luckily he took his laptop with him. And this happened when the rest of the guys were at home and I’m upstairs sleeping. The honour student only noticed someone we don’t know came in and out when he saw that guy leaving. Police was called… and I was still sleeping…


<_< >_> *holds her Dharma book dearly*


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