Entry: Long overdue entry 05 Saturday, February 11, 2006

11th Feb 2006: Shopping.


Went to Salvation Army where they sold second hand stuffs. Bought a nice light brown coat that was slightly below the elbows and above the knees for NZD5… ^_______^

Bought a purple top for NZD3. ^__________^

Got  keychain for NZD2… wtf.


Finally found the KiwiBank and the post office. NZD2 for stamps to go to Malaysia WTF…. >_< Though I LOVE to receive letters…. Until I get a job, that pleasure have to be put on hold. T_T Mmm… but I will collect all the letters I’ve written and do a one massive send. Hehe.


Ask me for the address if you want to send letters. :D I wouldn normally reply but do try writing long ones so that I could send back much longer ones. I won’t give my address to any Dick and Harry… >_> can’t have some donkeys stalking in front of the flats.


Went to apply for a City Library card and bought a 3-hour internet coupon to use for NZD10 (normally NZD4 per hour). For a just in case situation. (and sure enough, UCOL blocked one website I frequented… =_=… chies!)


And some drunkard locals who were staying on the flats came disturbing, thinking we busted them about drinking (we’re on a non-drinking zone), blablabla… and some donkeys around here (locals) came disturbing ALL the flats by knocking on the living room door panels HARD before running to the next one… ARSEHOLES!!!


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