Entry: Long overdue entry 06 Sunday, February 12, 2006

12th Feb 2006: BBQ.


Did my first laundry. Used too much detergent and my room smelt like "rumah dobi".


There was a BBQ in the evening, and the guys took the opportunity to report it to the person in charge. They couldn't previously as they kept missing her.


There were all kinds of meat (except pork) and I hated the beef… too well-done… =_= otherwise, I would have eaten more. Then, there were tons of salads… Shocked and two mountains of butter spread bread (icky)


Senior guys kidnap some salad and a whole huge bowl of chips back to the flats. LOL.


That night, when I joined them to watch a movie… it seemed some idiot did not lock the door…. The guys started freaking out and piled the chairs right at the entrance and placed a cup on the handle. Can't pray straight that night as I was laughing too hard.


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