keitsu » a bit sian.... but can find activities scary ah when locals get drunnk =O=
Mich » Arlow! How's Wanganui? *pounces at kei*
June » alalalalallala *dances
JaN » Hiya...JaN from AM forum here hehe...Nice site!!
Heal » Goooo. You can do it XD By Febuary right? Coming back for CNY, so then gather the group go Yamcha belanja you XD
*^tyh@wk^* » Wooooo OOOOooooo
Keitsu » i am dat tad bored and refuse to blog...
blifme » wow.. you've been doing quizzes and quizzes and more quizzes!
june » haw haw haw darren ong haw
black knight » haha, wouldnt it be freaky if he WAS the same guy?
Keitsu » definitely a different person lol he is the same age as me
black knight » You know, i know someone called darren ong O_o he's F5 now though, so probably a different guy.
black knight » Lost my form =P
Keitsu » O_O faster read faster read!!!
black knight » That's true. They just have the right to publish it without payment/permission. They don't own the copyright. Unless... they said all essays are property of MPH Sdn. Bhd... *goes off to read fineprint
Keitsu » so wat? i DARE them to SUE me for reproducing. they never mention anything about handin over the copyright of my story to them so there... haha!
black knight » Ahahaha. Give MPH a bad name, eh? But that'll probably backfire. If we do publish a book, MPH will probably be one of the distributors -.- Bah, my novel is far from complete anyway.
Keitsu » DAMNIT!!! when i get a publisher... that story is the first to go out to taunt them!
Keitsu » and they are allowed to do whatever they want with the entries... FORKE~~~RS!!!
Black Knight » yeah! I know! They seem absolutely inept/confused! I saw it too! Anything at all! But the sucky thing is we won't know if we were disqualified, because of course they wont reveal such information.bah.
Keitsu » ... WTF?!! i PERSNALLY went there to ASK them... they said ANYTHING!!! OI OI!!! i tell you... even on the paper... they said ANYTHING O_O GEEZ!!! MALAYSIAN MANAGEMENT!!!
black knight » -more and they said yourself, but can be fiction, and my friend called again and they said must be about yourself and true. So i probably terpesong.
black knight » Haha, i know what you mean! but i was very confused over the topic. I called them once, they said it could be fiction and third person, i called them again, they said first person, I called them once
Keitsu » lol it is quite interesting on how they are going to grade the essays... based on favourites... or ACTUAL PROPER judging
black knight » And another one on an American soldier who accidently killed a truck full of women and children while on duty (he finally commits suicide). Just a random message here
black knight » Hmm... read your entry about the MPH essay competition. Actually, quite a few people wrote angst, i think. I personally submitted one on a workoholic regretting his life in his dying moments
*^tyh@wk^* » ooo ....better colors .... oo .... ooo
LYNk1nParK » wat link? lah ><
Keitsu » woi girl! wat's ur link? :3
LYNk1nParK » Muahahahahahaha.... Your worst nightmare is here ^^
BDI Mind Humper! » Happy Hump Day -- time to get your HUMP on!
Keitsu » sial! why isn't my avatar veiwable? >_<*
Keitsu » testing... is my msg here?
Keitsu » alright! this shouldn't be too shocking for the eyes now... :3
BDI Mambo » Time for the Monday Mambo, come dance the mambo with us!
BDI Staffperson » Happy Hump Day! The Wednesday Mind Hump is up and humping!
BDI Loon » The Mind Hump is up! You guess my hump, I'll guess yours!
*^tyh@wk^* » still blind
Mambo Goddess » Monday Mambo is up and ready for dancing
The Mad Humper » The Hump is up! Come hump with us! Whee.
keitsu » gimme a moment larh... it had been a long time since i last toyed with the settings =_=
*^tyh@wk^* » holy cow...the colors are killing me ....
Heal » What's ip with the handphones lately? o_O *his almost got stolen/conned just now-_- Ack, might want to change the colour here, white and yellow BG hard to see. XD
Keitsu » ARGH! so lazy to figure out the rest! will complete later...
DarkRaven » It's a terrible day the gods are plotting against me
keitsu » wassup rei~~~~~ welcome back!!! :3 holding up? frankly speaking i'm not holding up very well here... *at the verge of nervous breakdown*
Rei » Hey ya Kei. How you holdin up? I'm back from NS already, heheheh, XDXD
*^tyh@wk^* » *tag*
vinca » cool blog! I'm building one too but too lazy...
keitsu » yeap i am. doshite? :3
BDI Staffer » Happy Monday, come Mambo with us over at BDI!
Vinca » what a coincident!
Vinca » eto... if not mistaken... you're from cf rite?
keitsu » piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif!
*^tyh@wk^* » awww niyan is getting old
BDI Staffer » Happy Hump Day! ..and new announcements as well, come do the hump! =)
BDI Staffer » Don't look now but it's.....Wednesday HUMP DAY! New announcements as well, come check them out!
keitsu » whoawhoawhoa lol sees this the very next day lol THANK YOU GUYS!!! dangNAMIT!!! i'm NINETEEN!!! NU~~~~!!!
N300000 » HEY HEY HEY! Happy Birthday Kei! it's your birthday! it's your birthday! (born poet i am) ROFL
samccx » gwhehe.. first time dropping a message here.. O.O Happy birthday~
DMJewelle » Happy Birthday~!
BDI Messenger » Happy Hump Day! Come celebrate by doing the Wednesday Mind Hump.
BDI Goofosa » It's Wednesday Hump Day, time to get your hump on! Be sure to check out the new announcements too!
BDI Staffperson » Yes folks, it's time to do the Wednesday Mind Hump!!
*^tyh@wk^* » ohayo !!!!
BDI Staffer » Wheeeee! It's that time again. Time to do the Wednesday Mind Hump. Do it baby!
BDI Deranged Dreamer » it's that time again, so come join the fun and do the music mambo..=)
Kyonkyon » heya kei~ long time never heard from ye.^^
BDI Loon » Oooops sorry that was a mistake...I meant to say Come do the mind hump. Wheeee LOL I am insane!
BDI Loon »
Heal » Yosh, so how's the lobe? better now? ^^;
BDI Loon » The Mind Hump is posted and ready to go, come joing the wednesday fun and read the new announcements
BDI Staffer » Howdies! Put your dancing shoes on and come do the BDI Monday Music Mambo Meme. Wheeee!
Claire » Well, lookie what i've found *grins* or rather, WHO i've found XD
Rei » Well, off to my camp. See you when I come back yah. We go chillin again.
BDI Staffer » new monday music mambo on bdi. come join the fun!!
*^tyh@wk^* » *waves hello*
BDI Administration » The Wenesday Mind Hump is up with a whole new logo. Come join the fun!
Teh-o » yo!!! just thought of dropping by here~ XDXDXDXDXD nice layout, btw~
labbu » eh eh.. that pic with your friends (after the beehon), my bro says "pryanka" is hot can understand why she gets anything whereever she goes.
*^tyh@wk^* » dee dee ....*smacks ur head*
Dee » I like the colours, so they'll stay. Try highlighting...helps a bit. Thanx for droppin by anyway. Your site looks great, red and fave combination obviously =)
*^tyh@wk^* » don't worry keitsu..... you wont be blur..... i will be the one that is blur. ~_~"
Keitsu » aw screw it... cant figure why in the world the text suddenly became bigger than normal... went thru the html over and over agai... can't find the culprit >_@
Keitsu » who says cannot see adoi!
Heal » Alright... I still can't see what's inbetween it. ^^; Mind enlightening me?
kemuri dono » upload ledi???SEND!!!
Keitsu » erm... dusty... if i go... will i be the blurblur mong chacha tengoktengok... fela? i dunoo MOST of u guys TT_TT
Keitsu » sarah who?!! O_O XD care to remind me once again? :3
[LiLgUrL] » nyaaa!! keeeiittssssuuuu!! {{hugs}} this is sarah :]
*^tyh@wk^* » ....or send me an email,
*^tyh@wk^* » neh... hime-chan, if you want to join the blog gathering send an email to or
Keitsu » ge~~~h!!! gomen >_<
kemuri dono » KEI!!!! >_<!!!!!
Keitsu » okies... june is so going to kill me O_O i forgotten to bring the usb port to college NO~~~!!!
*^tyh@wk^* » *smell
*^tyh@wk^* » *fades away from the durian amell* .... urgh.
Keitsu » ngo hai ping ko, lei hai ping ko? LOL u know i hate durian taste wat ;3
kemuri dono » durian cake awful meh?? i thoght it was quite good lol